Monday, August 26, 2013

Class Expectations

Hello everyone. Here are some of the things that I expect from you as students in my class.

Attendance: I expect student to arrive on time to class with all of the materials they are going to need that day. If you are late, please come into class as quietly as possible and make sure to remind me to change the attendance at the end of the class because you might be marked absent.

Behavior: I expect all students to respect their classmates, my classroom and me. Do not talk over one another and wait to be called on to speak in class.

Assignments: I expect all students to complete all work assigned by the due date. I do not accept late work. I also expect the work to be that of the person who submits it. Plagiarism is not acceptable at any level and there are harsh consequences for those that are caught.

Technology: I expect that the students will use the technology provided by the district in an appropriate manner. Students are expected to follow the AUP they signed at the start of the year. Any questions regarding the technology used in class should be addressed to me as soon as possible.

Communication: I expect that students will use the various tools available (email, Twitter, phone, etc.)to contact me when their are problems. I do not respond to email, tweets, etc. after 7pm. If you send me something after 7pm, I will not address it until the morning. I am also available before school in my classroom as early as 6:45am.

Effort: I understand that English class is not everyone's strong suit, but I do expect that every student tries their hardest on all assignments. If you show me the effort, you are going to do great things in my class.

Fun: I expect this class to be fun. If we all work together this year, we are going to do some very fun things.  After spending a couple of days with all of you, I really think I have some great classes and we are going to have a blast.


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